The Vmicro is the smallest bag in the product range offering the most diverse wearing options. It performs the game of variability in its absolute diversity. Five different wearing styles, from the shoulder bag to the belt bag, elevate the wearer of the bag from a model to a designer – thus allowing a scope for interpretation. Design. New. Art. LANOUVE.

If you already own a Vbag, you can combine the two bags with one movement. The Vmicro can simply be mounted to the Vbag in order to obtain the desired double-bag-look. The Vmicro is therefore a useful all-rounder that offers wearing comfort for every occasion. The high-quality stainless steel closure combines industrial design with simple elegance, which makes the Vmicro the perfekt everyday companion.

The Vmicro is offered in our online shop in 3 timeless basic leather colors – black, grey and white. Special colors will be available in limited quantities. When purchasing a Vmicro, a long shoulder strap is included. The stainless steel handle, the belt or other carrying straps are additional accessories that can be purchased as needed. Thus, everyone can put together the perfect constellation to meet his own requirements.

Read more about the Vmicro in this blogpost.


Different carrying styles Vmicro


360 ° Drehung der Vmicro