The Vbaguette is a classic baguette bag with interchangeable shoulder strap. Depending on the occasion and mood, the appropriate carrying strap can be attached to accentuate the desired look. Whether street style, feminine chic or casual – the diversity of straps is growing steadily, which makes it possible to reinterpret the Vbaguette every day. The bag can be adapted to one’s own feelings and becomes a personal statement.

Comparable with the Vbag, which can change its overall appearance through interchangeable flaps, the Vbaguette is the smaller counterpart with a interchangeable shoulder strap.

The Vbaguette basic bags are offered in 3 timeless basic leather colors – black, grey and white. Special colors will be available in limited quantities. When purchasing a Vbaguette, a high-quality shoulder strap with monogram embossing is included.


Campaign "Bags en Vogue", Vbaguette with changeable handle


360 ° Drehung der Vbaguette