All people wear clothes. Some wear fashion. Some have style. But only a few wear art. The Vbag is not a conventional bag, but can be understood as a playful tool for individualists. With interchangeable flaps, so-called “flaps”, the appearance of the Vbag can be redefined every day. The variety of flap editions ranges from minimalistic editions to progressive artist editions, created in collaboration with well-known artists. Depending on the mood and occasion, the Vbag can be adapted to the desired style with just one hand movement. Furthermore, the Vbag can be worn in combination with the Vmicro. This double-bag-look can be achieved, when the Vmicro is fixed to the Vbag like a flap.

Contrary to all trend phenomena, the Vbag is a classic with added value. Through the art editions, each bag becomes an absolute singularity, thus sealing its individual rarity value. Comparable to a work of art, which only gains its value through the context.

The Vbag basic bags are available in our online shop in small and large in 3 timeless basic leather colors – black, grey and white. Special colors will be available in limited quantities.

360 ° Rotation of the Vbag Large & Small