Your Benefits

Allow your customers to have a unique shopping experience with LANOUVE. Excite your customers with multivariable products. The interchangeable bag elements open up numerous variants. Your customers can compile products in the shop individually. The ordered items will then be delivered within a few business days.

You get the authorization to run your own LANOUVE online shop business, which allows you to process sales without any extra costs, from anywhere at any time. We take over the entire service for your online sales.


As a B2B partner of LANOUVE you get access to your own LANOUVE B2B Account:

✓ Order at any time – quickly, easily and tweny-four-seven

✓ Delivery within a few days “prompt” – no long waiting time

✓ No additional storage capacity required

✓ Use mobile devices for sales support and show your customers the whole product range of LANOUVE

✓ Take advantage of the ability to provide your customers access to LANOUVE’s entire range of products at any time

✓ Through your own B2B account you have access to your orders

✓ Let us take over the entire sales process of your orders. No extra effort for you!

Learn more about our innovative sales concept at a personal appointment or contact us by e-mail.


Prompt order online shop

For the first time, we offer you a future-oriented sales system with the focus on cross-linking online and offline.

Achieve steadily increasing sales and profit twice from our online shop system without previous knowledge, without additional costs and without financial risk. Your own LANOUVE referral code for customers protects you and your customers from your competitors.

See the LANOUVE online shop as an extension to your local business and benefit 24 hours of almost constant retail margins without risk and additional effort. Your retail margins will be paid to you in the form of commissions, minus a processing fee for the entire online service. All billings are available in your B2B account at any time.


Interactive brand experience for your customers

Through mobile devices, your customers can inform themselves about LANOUVE and interactively enter the brand world. Exciting art videos, current campaigns, behind-the-scenes insights and interesting blogposts are available for your customers at any time.


Blog & Social Media Promotions

As soon as you become our B2B partner you will also benefit from our exclusive Social Media Promotions for you and exclusive blog contributions about your store. It is our goal to introduce every new B2B partner to the LANOUVE community and present your business as a new hotspot to our audience. If you have any special wishes or ideas regarding your promotion, we will be glad to consider them. All contributions are sent to your approval before publication.


Exclusive Editions

We offer you the opportunity to develop exclusive limited editions with us in order to strengthen your market position and secure your exclusivity against competitors. There are no limits.


Wearable Art

LANOUVE is positioning itself as an artlabel and focuses close collaborations with international artists, who create exclusive art-pieces for LANOUVE. Whether art lover or not, the art editions always represent the value of the artist and thus become timeless collector’s items with a potential for value appreciation.


Sustainable products & fair working conditions

Our products are timeless, durable and sustainable. They are handmade in Germany under the most stringent quality requirements. Let your customers know that sustainability and fair working conditions are indispensable to us.