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Nicole Mermon

Portrait der Künstlerin und Designerin von LANOUVE Nicole MermonNicole Mermon’s artistic career started in the early nineties as her creative talent was re¬cognized by the fashion and advertising industry. In the following years, beside her passion for painting and sculpturing, the field of activities as autonomous artist and designer included fashion projects, photographic productions, choreography, image consulting and design.

In 1992 Nicole won the Austrian Fashion Design Award and intensified her work as fashion designer with the creation of numerous successfully sold collections.

In 1993, Nicole Mermon was willing to get back to her artistic roots. Nicole again concentrated on her work as free artist. Her working cycles varied from large format paintings and mixed media installations over metal light sculptures to applied art for archi¬tectural projects.

Since 2007 the focus of her artistic work lies on the fusion between photography and net paintings. Self taught, she was interested from the very beginning in new techniques and materials. Everyday situations provide the principle content for the work of Nicole Mermon. The works of her serie Negritude mark the beginning of the Metal Net Paintings. For the first time Nicole Mermon stretched a metal mesh instead of a canvas and painted four superposed layers of black or white. The works from the latest series take this reductivist approach and give it symbolic character. Consisting of images with various layers, the notion of a single perspective is suspended. And even the shadow which is created by the distance from the wall becomes an integral part of the work. This dialogue between painting, shadow and the changing background to the picture leads to a dislocation of the original context.

„The focus of the controversy lies in the “realities” that surround us daily. Altered perspectives of the illustration generate new perspectives and perceptions. An emotional involvement is specifically initiated by image excerpts and focusing of details, as well as by intensive monochrome color schemes. Hopes, longings and struggles are being implemented in order to redefine boundaries, norms and values. The penetration of convention is a necessity for me to trash deeply rooted patterns and to develop space for a new self-responsibility towards myself as well as for all fellow human beings.“


Metal Net Paintings


Studio “White Space”


Voxel Installation by Nicole Mermon

Installation “Voxel”


Her activities in the fields of art and design led her to unify these two disciplines a few years later. Her own preference for bags brought her to develop a bag that would serve as an art medium – the Vbag. A bag, which could be varied in its appearance through interchangeable flaps. The one-time idea of making art wearable, “WEARABLE ART”, finally resulted in the foundation of the artlabel LANOUVE. Derived from the French “la nouvelle”, in English “the new”, the name stands symbolically for innovation and unconventionality.

As the founder, artist and designer of LANOUVE, Nicole Mermon and her daughter have been working passionately on the development of the bag label ever since.

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