A team with a common mission

Just as unique as LANOUVE products are, is the team behind the brand. The common mission is to follow the human basic need for individuality and to integrate the bag, as an art medium and mirror of one ‘s own personality in everyday life.
Each individual operation is characterised by the values and the philosophy of the company and ultimately forms the core of the brand. Existing boundaries have to be transcended in order to constantly grow through new challenges.


CEO, Founder, Creative Director

Portrait Nicole Mermon, CEO, Founder, Artist at LANOUVE


  • Characterized by over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry as a model, artist and designer
  • Cosmopolitan, who feels connected to the whole world and thinks big
  • Loves provocative breaks on the highest aesthetic level
  • Passionate about creating exceptional designs for extraordinary people

“Everything is in constant movement, in every moment – that is life. My personal life has been challenging me with highs and lows since I can remember. Every new situation required courage and strength of will. Every mastered challenge brought me closer to my goal and without the courage to change, I would not have become the woman I am today.“



CEO, Chief Creative Officer

Creative Supervisor Jamee Schreiber


  • As creative supervisor and social media manager
  • The all-rounder in the team
  • Feels like home in the world of communication and new media
  • Unconventional lateral thinker



Chief Financial Officer CFO, Founder

CFO, Mag. Tino Schreiber

  • Economist with decades of experience in finance, tax and legal matters