LANOUVE stands for minimalistic design and highest quality in production. In order to counteract fast-paced trends, the label focuses on timeless design. It is the fusion of skilled craftsmanship and innovative design, which determines the distinctive appearance of the products.

The execution of all details of the products is given great value. All leather edges are dyed, waxed and polished by hand. The distinctive look of the leather results from a special pre-treatment on the outer and inner side of the leather, the dressing. Dressing refers to the refining treatment of the leather in order to give it a special appearance and certain properties, such as a particular surface structure, suppleness, density or smoothness. Since leather is a natural product, it must be noted that slight irregularities in the appearance may occur.

All metal closures and embellishments as well as relief embossing reveal the attention to detail. The LANOUVE team sees its mission in making products durable through high quality German craftsmanship. Fair working conditions and eco-minded procedures are essential prerequisites for an ethical and future-oriented production.

Through the integration of art, each bag becomes a unique portable art object. Collaborations with international artists and the design of limited art editions and unique pieces make these “art bags” into collectors’ pieces with great upside potential. The respective artist personally signs each art flap. A certificate of authenticity, which contains precise information about the edition, the edition of this edition, the number of pieces and the date of the creation is provided with each unique one. Thus art gains a new mobile presence in everyday life.

The art studio of LANOUVE directly adjoins the showroom. All requirements for manual silk-screen printings, resin castings, painting, weaving techniques and experimental “mixed media” methods are complied in the studio.

There is no limit to the creative research and development of new techniques. Under the leadership of Nicole Mermon, all creative and innovative visions of the team are turned into action here.

As creative art director of the team, Nicole Mermon knows how to develop solutions for designs with difficult implementations. Thanks to her 20 years of experience as an artist and designer, she is determined to make the seemingly impossible possible.