LANOUVE is an Austrian brand rooted in the range of art and design, focussing on bags and accessories, „wearable art“. The company was founded in 2015 as a privately owned company.



The evolvement of the power of individualism and the freedom of self-expression is the core mission of the brand. The LANOUVE bags are aimed to give space and incentive to further development of one’s own personality. Every person is multifarious. LANOUVE products give the chance to discover and reflect all various facets as an individual with no age limits.

„Individuality comes with authenticity. Authenticity comes with self-confidence. Self-confidence comes with acceptance. Acceptance comes with conviction. Conviction comes with personality. Personality comes with individuality.“

Nicole Mermon, CEO, Artist & Designer

Striving against fast moving fashion trends, LANOUVE unifies minimalistic design and art in order to create timeless bags as companions through life corresponding to the spirit of the age. LANOUVE bags are designed with multi-functional elements to initiate personal customization and interpretation. Through interchangeable flaps, the Vbag (variable bag) is made to change its appearance. Carefully selected materials and the high quality of manufacturing determine the long-term usage and longer life cycles of the products.

A look behind the scenes shows that every person involved plays an important role in the manufacturing process, which requires precise handcrafting in all stages of production.

LANOUVE aims to contribute to global responsibility by playing the part of ethical principles. The evolvement of sustainability is an inherent part of the LANOUVE brand concept. LANOUVE takes on a role as a pioneer and encourages everyone to interact and share common values to his social circle.

Art reflects social changes, calls for an exploration of reality, and is a visual expression of the human individual in all its manifestations. Through close collaborations with well-known international artists the brand signifies cross-cultural exchange to achieve a non-verbal level of understanding reflected by the artist editions. LANOUVE is championing for bags as new dynamic art mediums in the public dialog.



The core element of the LANOUVE sales concept is the fusion of online and offline. The brand collaborates with selected store partners around the world. All store partners listed in the store locator are able to offer their customers the complete LANOUVE assortment at any time.

Each retail partner is equipped with mobile devices showcasing the online brand world. An exclusive referral code for the online shop is given to each store partner in order to accomplish a seamless shopping experience for their customers. Interested customers are invited to look over the wide range of products and inform themselves about the brand. If the requested product is not on stock in the store, the customer can easily order it online through the access of the related store partner. The ordered product will then be delivered to the store within a few days.



More than 30 years, Nicole Mermon dedicated herself to conceptual art and design. Inspired by creative people when working as a model in the fashion industry, Nicole Mermon found her calling as an artist and designer at an early age. Driven by her visions, her actions extended from the fashion sector up to exhibited art projects. Self taught in both disciplines, she was interested from the very beginning in new techniques and materials, which led her to developing her own artistic technique to create huge „metal net paintings“. Where words are no longer enough, the artworks of Nicole Mermon serve to provide a translation between emotion and rationality.

Consisting of images with various layers, the notion of a single perspective is suspended. Viewers are required to generate the image themselves by oscillating between the layers. The transparency and multi-layered nature of the meshes corresponds with the telegenic view of the world. Everyday situations provide the principal content for her artworks.

„It is a case of looking behind the scenes. It is necessary to escape from convention in order to throw off deeply-held preconceptions and create space for a new, collective sense of responsibility.“

Fascinated by her artistic concept, Jamée Schreiber assisted her mother in the creative implementation of her art projects in every spare minute since she was a small child. After graduating she studied social media management, whereby she acquired valuable expertise in the fields of new media.

Powered by their pioneering spirit, the two establish an exceptional brand concept with LANOUVE by pooling their complementary skills cross-generationally. Both can learn a great deal from each other and benefit from cross-pollination of ideas. As Advocates for individualism and authenticity, Nic and Mée aim to encourage open-minded people to live their authenticity self-confidently in the society. For this reason the LANOUVE bags are designed with an open source to personal customization and interpretation.


Bound in honour, LANOUVE is an ethically operating business. Devoid of societal pressures, the brand takes a stand for social justice regarding fair working conditions throughout the production chain. All suppliers involved are required to comply with their national employment laws and regulations in order to provide a consistently health and safe environment for their employees. The commitment comprises particularly the following concerns:

  • Health and safe environment for employees
  • No discrimination or workplace bullying
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment
  • Minimum age of employment, no child labour
  • Transparent terms of employment with clearly defined working hours
  • Remuneration in line with the collective agreement

LANOUVE will never cooperate with companies, which are obviously in breach of the commitment. Due to the operational complexity, it is not always possible to investigate the working conditions of every supplier involved in the production, but the LANOUVE team is doing everything in their power to stand up for the human rights of the workers in the manufacturing process.

Bent on processing only leather as by-product from the food industry, LANOUVE endorses animal welfare. The brand constantly works on further developments of new materials as an alternative to the leather.


A constant part of the artistic concept of the label is the confrontation and reflection of social issues that call upon a more conscious approach to social responsibility.


Responsibility starts within each one of us. LANOUVE is conscious that everyone’s actions leave ecological footprints with huge impact on the future environment of our children. LANOUVE aims to evoke more sustainable consumption behaviour by imparting values to partners and customers through the brand’s design concept. Focusing on art and timeless design, a LANOUVE bag personifies one’s identity with stable value in the presence and future.

“Buy less, choose well. Make it last.”

Vivienne Westwood


LANOUVE pursues transparent procedures and a clear communication internally and externally and strives to become better in every aspect. The team behind the brand is always open-minded for your concerns or ideas about how LANOUVE can become even better. Do not hesitate to contact us at or in social networks. Your feedback is appreciated at any time.